Cibe laboratories began as a small enterprise in the 1970’s stemming from the bright idea of its founders, Franco Bellanova and Graziella Chiuzzi. They were fascinated by macrobiotics, a little known science in Italy at the time and by eastern philosophies.

While producing the first bars of soap with natural fats and integral components, the family business unearthed consumer interest and sensitivity to Natural products and duly extended its range.

Cibe laboratories has undoubtedly achieved a great deal in the course of almost 40 years of business. It has generated widespread awareness by always choosing the best raw materials, regardless of the current trends. It has provided consumers with handcrafted soaps and cosmetic products in a bid to recover and boost the Italian tradition, primarily Ligurian, of the art of soap making.

Since 2004 the company has been producing ICEA certified cosmetic products. In 1998 it became a member of the international coalition which assures cosmetic products conform to the International Standard “Not Tested on Animals”, since the entire Cibe production is carried out without the use of any raw materials that do not conform with the Standard.

Our respect for Nature is also reflected in the packaging, selected favoring biodegradable or recycled materials and in the strong limitation in the use of SECONDARY PACKAGING.

The factory is situated at S. Pietro in the Andora Industrial Zone in the province of Savona. The zone is set in a green area bordered by the woods and olive groves of the valley.
The water used for manufacturing the products is pre-treated in a demineralising, deionising and sterilising plant and a reverse osmosis plant.

The factory is equipped with modern and efficient facilities for the production and pressing of SAVONA-MARSEILLE SOAP, machinery for producing COLD SOAP and shaving soap, turbo-emulsioners, emulsifiers and several mixers for creams, liquid detergents, salts and powders. It also has semi-automatic and automatic fillers, packing machinery (thermoretractable, flow-pack), an area for the production and packaging of alcohol-based perfumes and fragrances (lic. UTF/GE 747/DUPL.), condensers for bath bombs, fizzing bath tablets and bath salt wafers.

The factory also features a planning and design office for cosmetic and gift articles, providing valuable support for the creation of new third-party products. It includes an in-house printing service for adhesive labels.

For production purposes, the best quality vegetal-origin bases and plant extracts are used, nearly all being processed on site with the use of wild plants gathered in the area. Essential oils, salts, clays, essences of natural origin and natural active principles are also used.