Ecological dishwasher

Of Vegetable origin, effective and biodegradable. It does not contain polluting compounds such as phosphates, phosphonates, EDTA, NTA, enzymes, formaldehyde, perborate, optical brighteners. For an optimal effect, ensure the machine always has the required amount of salt for its operation. It is also advisable to remove any food residues from the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher and to add a little wine vinegar in the rinsing phase, especially if animal proteins have been consumed (e.g. chicken, fish or eggs).

1000 ml (20 to 40 washes according to the load and water hardness)
Also available in 5 and 20 l cans

Ecodetergenti – approfondimento



COMPOSITION: <3% non-ionic surfactants (ethoxylated fatty alcohols). Other components: essential oils from organic farming (orange and lemon), bergamot aroma essence (limonene, linalool), preservative (hydrogen peroxide), ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin, sodium citrate.