100% Pure essential oils

Essential Oils are the finest product of the plant world and contain all the active ingredients and energy information of the plants they are extracted from. Whether sprayed in the home or used for massage, essential oils are packed with beneficial effects. They are not soluble in water, but can be easily added into any fatty compound, as well as in honey, salt or alcohol. They can be used in many ways: with an essential oil diffuser, to make “DIY” cosmetics, in salt (for example for foot baths), in alcohol for cleaning the house in a completely natural way, on wood, chalk or terracotta to perfume drawers or closed spaces. For external use only.

10 ml

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Ingredients: lavandula angustifolia oil, limonene, linalool.

Ingredients: eucaliptus globulus oil.

Ingredients: mentha piperita oil.

Ingredients: rosmarinus officinalis oil, linalool.

Ingredients: salvia officinalis oil.

Ingredients: thymus vulgaris l. oil, limonene, linalool.

Ingredients: melaleuca alternifolia oil, limonene.