Hand wool and silk eco-detergent

Concentrated, wholly biodegradable Ecodetergent, non-irritant – especially important features for products designed to wash fine fabrics in close contact to the skin, such as shirts and sweathers in silk and wool.  This hand eco-detergent is free from irritants and substances polluting the environment (such as phosphates, phosphonates, EDTA, NTA, enzymes, formaldehyde, perborate, optical brighteners).

1000 ml
Also available in 5 and 20 l cans

Ecodetergenti – approfondimento



COMPOSITION: 10-15% anionic surfactants (sodium alkylethoxysulfate), <5% amphoteric surfactants (alkylamidopropyl betaine). Other components: hydrogenated glycerine esters, glycerin, plant extracts from spontaneous growth and organic farming (rosemary, nettle, thyme, horse chestnut, St. John’s wort, mallow, sage, birch, ivy, helichrysum), fragrance, preservative (hydrogen peroxide), lactic acid.