Eco-Hygieniser for fruit and vegetables

Before vegetables or fruit land on our tables, during and after farming, they undergo a series of steps, during which they are treated and handled by many people, including with the use of pesticides, waxes and anti-mould agents.
That is why one of the first rules in terms of hygiene is to wash food before consuming it: with running water alone, all impurities, such as soil and dust, are removed, but to eliminate any residues of pesticides, viruses, fungi or bacteria, this operation is not enough.
Compared to other systems, this hygienising liquid, in addition to being exceptionally effective, is also wholly odourless, tasteless and ECOLOGICAL. IT CONTAINS NO CHLORINE, 100% biodegradable.

1000 ml

Directions for use: use a 10 ml measuring cup of preparation for 10 litres of water; soak the produce in it for 10 minutes, then rinse it with running water before eating.



CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: water, hydrogen peroxide.