100% Pure cosmetic oils

100% pure, undiluted, uncut vegetable oils. Specific, genuine and effective, each with its own irreplaceable and unique cosmetic properties and function.

Available in the varieties:
Sweet almonds | Wheat Germ | Jojoba |  Castor

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Pure, obtained from cold pressing of wheat germ. This extraordinary oil contains Vitamin A, E, F. Particularly indicated as anti-wrinkle, restorative and nourishing. Excellent strengthener for brittle and limp hair.

125 ml

Ingredients: triticum vulgare germ oil.

Extraordinary oil, it is obtained from a plant typical of Arizona and Mexico. Soothing, dermoprotective and softening, it is an excellent adjuvant in the treatment of dry and dehydrated skin, to improve the aesthetics of hair and as protection from solar radiation.

125 ml

Ingredients: simmondsia chinensis oil

Precious vegetable oil rich in triglycerides and fatty acids. Emollient, protective and sebum-restorative, it is a valuable aid for the treatment of dry skin and to prevent the onset of stretch marks during pregnancy.

125 – 250 ml

Ingredients: prunus amygdalus dulcis oil.

Thanks to its many natural virtues, it performs a sebum-balancing, strengthening and protective action. It is therefore an effective adjuvant in the cosmetic treatment of hair and eyelashes. For hair care, oiling the roots and tips pre-shampoo is recommended.

125 ml

Ingredients: ricinus communis seed oil.