Crema Henné & Aloe a media protezione

Medium Protection Henna & Aloe SunCream

Solar radiation produces beneficial but also harmful effects. Premature ageing of the skin (actinic keratosis), sunburn and other permanent skin damage are the now known effects of UVA/B radiation, whose action can however be prevented with a tanning activator containing a UVA-UVB FILTER appropriate for your skin type phototype (amount of melanin your skin contains). The HENNA & ALOE milky cream is a plant-based super-tanning herbal sunscreen, rich in Honey, Carrot, Vitamin and Aloe, which counteracts dehydration due to the action of the sun, keeping your skin always soft and supple and giving it an intensely golden and healthy complexion, thanks to the double UVA/UVB filter, which increases the skin’s natural self-protection time. Suitable for skin that is moderately sensitive to the sun or already pigmented.

200 ml