Shampoo erboristici

Herbal Shampoos

Specific shampoos formulated without preservatives, with plant-derived surfactants and organic ingredients. They contain no ingredients of animal origin, irritants, SLS, SLES, DEA, PEGs, silicones, mineral oils.

Available in the types: light and thin hair | frequent use | normal hair | damaged hair | oily hair

250 ml

Specific for thin and light hair, including the children’s. It contains glyceric extracts of Chamomile, Mallow and Rice, Olive Oil, Vitamin B6 and Vegetable Proteins, precious for the hair’s health and structure.

Specific shampoo for frequent use with softening effect, suitable for all hair types. It contains Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat, Corn and Soy Vegetable Proteins, Vitamin B6 and the Centerbe Phyto-complex.

It gently purifies the hair, leaving it glossy and soft, thanks to the virtues of Aloe, Phytokeratine, the glyceric extract of 10 organically grown and wild herbs and Vitamin B6.

With Wheat Proteins, Vitamin B6, Phytokeratine, extracts of Perilla, Liquorice, Linden, Mallow and emollients of vegetable origin, it protects the scalp and improves the aesthetics of fragile hair stressed by external agents.

Specific for oily hair, even with dandruff, it performs a hygienising and protective action, thanks to the extracts of Nettle, Birch, Lapacho and Burdock and the essential oils of Lavender, Cedar and Tea Tree.