In 40 years of activity we have grown and learned a great deal: this experience is now at your service, together with our know-how and production capabilities. We produce and distribute many product lines under our own brand, but we can also do the same for your products.

A contract manufacturing division has been formed over a number of years that aims to develop third parties’ business ventures into Exclusive Natural Cosmetics.

Essentially, individual cosmetic specialities are formulated and produced as entire product lines for Commercial companies as well as Health resorts (spa/thermal facilities), Farmhouses and Beekeeping businesses, which supply some of the ingredients, can thus offer their customers unique cosmetics. The ingredients, which the third party client wishes to add to the several available formulae, are actually transformed and used in our laboratory. Ingredients such as thermal water, mud or thermal salts, honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, medicinal plants and hydrolates are used to produce a one-of-a-kind, superior quality product with an affordable investment. The minimum quantity requirement for third party manufacturing is around 100 kg per item.

We thus can supply vegetal Soaps, Shampoo, Shower gel or Creams produced with specific ingredients requested by our Client as well as through the use of thermal salts or clay from those exact Thermal facilities, or honey based bath foams or shampoos obtained from that particular Beekeeper, or even massage oil made from extracts of a plant cultivated in that actual Farm or Convent. And so on.

The very strong motivator behind this project, which has been in continuous expansion for more than the last 10 years, is primarily the great passion for all that is true, genuine, handmade and, above all, Italian.

The list of products you find on our website can be useful for you to understand what kind of products we can make for your company, but it is not a “closed” list: with our know-how and production skills we are able to produce (as we already do) items not actually present in the pages of the site, such as the products for the hygiene and beauty of our pets. If you have an idea but cannot find a similar product in the website, send us an e-mail with your project, we have many other formulating solutions to offer.